CESAR uses the expertise built over the past 30 years to support national, state, and local substance use strategic planning and research across many domains, including 

  • epidemiological monitoring,
  • prevention, research and evaluation,
  • biological specimen testing,
  • electronic health record analysis, and 
  • resource and information dissemination

For example, CESAR has continually been a leader in epidemiological monitoring and biological specimen testing. The CESAR team has supported state and local officials in Maryland and Washington, DC, in the implementation of epidemiological workgroups and drug action plans. This experience helped guide the development and launch of the National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS) for the United States managed by CESAR since August 2014. CESAR staff have also pioneered the development and use of biological specimen testing in both public health and criminal justice populations and the use of toxicology results from electronic health records to monitor drug use trends.

Please browse the rest of our website for more information about ongoing and completed CESAR projects that demonstrate how CESAR staff work successfully with federal, state, and local officials, practitioners, and first responders across these domains.

cesar [at] umd.edu (Contact us) to discuss how we can help you with your substance use research needs.


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