Dr. Nikki Adams is a research affiliate at CESAR. Dr. Adams received her Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Chicago. She has been at UMD since 2010 and is currently an associate research scientist at the Applied Research Lab for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS). Prior to 2018, she was an assistant research scientist at the Center for Advanced Study of Language (CASL). In 2016, CASL staff began conducting research on drug terminology in social media under the funding and direction of NDEWS. Dr. Adams continued this work through 2019 through a supplemental grant to NDEWS exploring the comparative viability of different social media platforms for the purpose of learning about the language of drug use and drug abuse. She now shares her time between ARLIS at UMD and the National Center for Health Statistics, a center of the CDC.

Nikki Adams
Applied Research Lab for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS)
nadams2 [at] umd.edu