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About EDDS

EDDS System Hospital electronic health records (EHR) contain important information about patients’ laboratory test results, diagnoses, and treatment. Urine specimens collected from patients as part of routine care may also be used to better understan..
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EDDS Hospitals - Data

The de-identified urine drug test results from electronic health records (EHRs) obtained from patients at participating hospitals are updated each quarter and posted on this site. Expanded re-testing of a limited sample of urines is conducted one tim..
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EDDS Research Reports

National EDDS - Xylazine The National EDDS project added xylazine to the EDDS urine drug test panels and CESAR has released a new report summarizing the xylazine results from 13 hospitals in 8 states. These hospitals each provided a one-time sample o..
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Maryland EDDS

The first statewide EDDS program in the nation was launched in Maryland in 2022. CESAR was awarded a grant by the State of Maryland’s Office of Overdose Response. MD-EDDS is now working with 20 hospitals across the state. Hospitals were selected so t..
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