The Global Mental Health and Addiction Program (GMAP) is a laboratory within the Psychology Department at the University of Maryland led by Dr. Jessica Magidson. It was founded in 2018 to conduct research to increase access to evidence-based addiction treatment in resource-limited clinical settings globally. Beginning in 2023, CESAR began collaborating closely with the GMAP lab after Dr. Magidson started as director of CESAR. 

GMAP focuses on questions central to global mental health and addiction treatment, including assessing how evidence-based interventions can be feasibly delivered using task-sharing models and integrated into community-based clinical settings. GMAP ultimately aims to foster bidirectional learning between ongoing research in sub-Saharan Africa and local collaborations in DC/Maryland to support the dissemination and implementation of these interventions. 


GMAP concentrates on evaluating brief behavioral interventions to address substance use in the context of medical and psychiatric co-morbidity, trains peers and integrates these treatments into medical settings.  

GMAP has funded projects locally in Baltimore and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, and globally in South Africa.  

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