CESAR has worked on a multitude of national, state, and local projects over the past 30 years, across many domains. Below are just a few examples of our completed projects.

Epidemiological Monitoring

  • State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW): identify and monitor prevention priorities in Maryland and Washington, DC
  • Maryland Drug Early Warning System (DEWS): coordinate statewide heroin and ecstasy action plans
  • Community Epidemiology Workgroup (CEWG): represent Maryland and Washington, DC, at the national CEWG meetings convened by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)


  • Bowie State University MSI/CBO: evaluate BSU and surrounding community HIV and HEP-C prevention efforts
  • Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG): complete state needs assessment and strategic plan

Research & Evaluation

  • MPowering the State Opioid Use Disorders Research Collaboration: work with research scientists at the University of Maryland’s Baltimore (UMB) campus to develop treatments that allow greater understanding and response to the opioid epidemic in Maryland and nationwide 
  • Treatment Needs Assessment: provide state and county treatment estimates
  • Treatment Outcomes Studies: identify elements of successful programs
  • Evaluation of Maryland Doctor Buprenorphine Training: assess effectiveness of doctor training
  • Surveys (Maryland Household Survey, College Surveys): collect public opinions about substance use

Biological Specimen Testing

  • Community Drug Early Warning System (CDEWS): a rapid and low‐cost system for identifying emerging drugs at the local community level
  • Drug Outbreak Testing Service (DOTS): test up to 20 de-identified urine specimens collected during a suspected outbreak for more than 240 drugs
  • Adult Offender Population Urinalysis Study (OPUS): conduct expanded urine testing to detect emerging drugs in Maryland

Resources and Information Dissemination

  • Maryland Community Services Locator (MDCSL): maintain online database of more than 9,000 services to assist professionals and community members in locating community services
  • Substance Use Clearinghouse: provide access to more than 26,000 key word-coded documents
  • CESAR FAX: highlight current data and research results; sent weekly to nearly 6,000 people
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